Your Ideas and Needs

We'll start by working with you on your ideas or promotional needs to come up with the perfect product. With our years of experience in working with numerous clients, we can help you decide what will work best for your project.


Designing your Product

Once a product idea has been selected, we will work directly with you and the manufacturers to complete the product design and provide product samples as needed. This can be as advanced as creating a completely new product with customized packaging, or as simple as choosing your logoing method and placement on an existing product.



Once your final product design is approved and your order has been placed. We will work directly with the manufactures to ensure that your order is completed on time and to our quality standards.



When the manufacturing process is completed, we will work with the manufacturer to make sure your products are delivered on time. We will also handle all container shipping or air freight arrangments if the products are coming from over seas. Should any damages occur during shipping or if any products are defective, we will work with the manufacturer to make sure you receive replacements as soon as possible.

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