About Active Sport Products, LLC

"Where you are only a stranger once."

We have been around as a family business since 1916; we are now going though another growth spurt. Traditionally, Active Sport Products was best known for handwear (mostly for Golf and Uniforms), leather and leather like luggage, umbrellas, plus many other tournament, corporate gifts and awards.

We have expanded and now offer and participate in countless partnership cross marketing opportunities from both overseas and domestic sources. We can fill just about any reasonable product need at fantastic pricing… on time delivery (even under pressure). All types of logoing is and can be done in-house or at factory locations throughout the world.

Check out our AD SPECIALITY industry connections. We are now partnered with ASSOCIATED PREMIUM CORPORATION, a Cincinnati based company. We supply to customers such as Major and Minor League Sports teams, corporations near and afar, and companies like 30Watt.com and their own bogeypro.com. Need something special of your own creation, ask us and we will tell you its feasibility, while protecting your privacy along the way.

What makes us special: Most customers (we call them friends or partners) are repeats because of our experience and understanding of their needs… We deliver the goods on time, carefully prepared and ready to market.

Here are a few people and companies to contact for the items that you may have been accustomed to buying from ACTIVE:

Handwear (Golf, Uniform, Outdoors):
Peter Kiernan, Olympia Sports T: 518-725-8060
(Primarily overseas factory source, offering design and development services. Also private label manufacturing.)

Handwear Retailers:
Randy Loftspring, Roy Tailor Uniforms (Galls) T: 513-621-4787 X 103
Mark Forst: AME'S UNIFORMS 1-800-741-7502

Fun Golf Gifts: Ryan Walther or Dolan, David or Sean T: 612-886-2607 www.bogeypro.com

More Unique Gift ideas: Same people as Bogey Pro: www.30Watt.com.

Our Process

Plan what you need.

There are thousands of options out there for promotional products. Call us with your needs and we'll help you plan the perfect item for your promotion.

Develop your product.

We'll work directly with you on making color choices, material selections, and logoing needs.

Delivery and Support.

Once your order is finalized we'll keep you up to date on its progress, make sure that it is delivered on time, and be available to help with any problems that may occur with your delivery.

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